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Software for Windows Vista that allows for multiple Skype accounts to be connected simultaneously

Software for Windows Vista that allows for multiple Skype accounts to be connected simultaneously

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Version: 1.8

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Multi-Skype Launcher is an add-on software program that enables you to take advantage of powerful customization options for Skype. You can improve the quality of your next Skype experience by installing these add-ons in your program. Some users report having difficulty in learning how to use the features of Multi-Skype Launcher.

Log Into Multiple Skype Accounts

Perhaps you have multiple Skype accounts as a means of organizing your business colleague and familial relationships. Maybe you use one account solely to communicate with your business partners, and you use the other account to communicate with friends and family members. Multi-Skype Launcher will allow you to log into several Skype accounts at once so that you can quickly speak with any given contact that you may have. You will not have to constantly log out of an account and into another one.

Installation Process

You may find that the installation process for Multi-Skype Launcher is lengthy and cumbersome. Some users are annoyed by the numerous ads displayed during that installation process. The ads can make it difficult for you to quickly get through the installation process. You may even find that the software attempts to download several unrelated, additional programs on your computer. Before you install Multi-Skype Launcher, you should be aware of how to exit these programs.

Pros and Cons of Multi-Skype Launcher

Multi-Skype Launcher is an effective program to use if you wish to expand the current capabilities of your Skype software. The program can give you the added functionality of being able to access multiple contact lists at once. You can also have several chat windows open at any given time. Some of the other advantages of Multi-Skype Launcher are:

  • The program includes an easy way to "add accounts" to your existing contact list.
  • You can automatically log into your accounts.

Multi-Skype Launcher is not an intuitive program to use. As such, some users may become confused in using the program or may select options that make it difficult to ultimately use Skype. Here are some of the disadvantages associated with the program:

  • The program may have a tendency to expose your computer to malware and ad attacks.
  • You may need to deselect an option to avoid starting up Skype every time that you restart your computer.

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